You have booked your trip to Amsterdam for various reasons, its artistic heritage, the popular narrow houses with gabled facades and the elaborate canals. We are sure that you are also looking forward to see the works of Van Gogh and Rembrandt in our Museum District. Another district that you also might be curious about is our famous Red Light District. Amsterdam has always been a bustling city, welcoming other cultures with open arms. This tolerant city, which started in the 13th century as a fishing village, is now a major hub for business, tourism and culture. All in all, you will notice that throughout the years, the city has become a melting pot. Persons of 180 nationalities live in Amsterdam. Even though mostly everyone integrated into the Dutch society, everyone kept some parts of their culture, which you will notice while walking through our city. A huge asset of such a multicultural city is the aspect of many food options. The city has over 1300 restaurants, all from different regions, reflecting our society. Opening yourself up to the local cuisine, will surely add value to your trip, as it has become part of our culture.

Albert Cuyp Tour

Aside from exploring the city’s usual hotspot, we strongly encourage you to experience Amsterdam through your taste buds! Let us walk you through our busiest market, Albert Cuyp (in De Pijp) which has been there since 1905. De Pijp, was built in the 19th century. Whilst walking through that area you will notice that most streets were named after Dutch painters. The neighborhood is full of history, which we will educate you on while you enjoy different types of snacks. Aside from the savory and sweet Dutch snacks, you will also learn more and be able to try foods from for instance Suriname, Turkey, Morocco, etc. all belonging to the main cultures living in the city. All tours are all inclusive, this means that after you have booked the tour, you can start the tour with an empty stomach. If you are ready to taste what Amsterdam is all about, then you should join on of our tours!

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